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Dr Olumuyiwa Jacob OSUNKEYEDr. Olumuyiwa Jacob OSUNKEYE



The Department of Animal Science formally known as the Department of Animal Science and Fisheries came to being alongside with other Departments during the establishment of the College of Agriculture in the year 2007. This Department opened its door to commence academic activities as well as admit its first set of undergraduate students in 2007/2008 academic session on Wednesday 8th October 2008, and graduated them in 2011/2012 academic session on 27th June, 2012.The department of Animal Science since its inception has continued to offer courses without any disruption of academic session.

Livestock production is ever dynamic due to dynamism in the human population and demand pattern for livestock and its product. These shifts bring about changes in production systems. In the last decades, new technologies, innovation, emphasis and challenges to livestock production have emerged. Of necessity, new ways have to be found to make room for the adoption of these new technologies, embrace the new emphases and have to proffer solution to the new challenges. Pursuant to these therefore, and in line with the vision and mission of this University, the Department of Animal Science propose a research agenda to be put forward for consideration as part of the Postgraduate programmes of the University.


Department of Animal Science is among the seven departments floated by the College of Agriculture in the Faculty of Agricultural Production and Management, which is located in Ejigbo. The town is located along the border between Oyo and Osun State. The faculty is currently having four (4) Departments with students admitted into their programmes.

Academic Programmes:

The following are the department’s programmes at undergraduate:

B.  Agric. (Animal Science) and postgraduate: PGD. M.Sc. Ph.D. Animal Science

Vision of the Department:

Our vision is to graduate excellent students that can contribute to the development of livestock industry, ensure the sustenance of livestock product and by-product for human and provision of affordable animal protein. 

Mission of the Department:

Our mission is to be an exemplary department of excellent providing high quality teaching, learning and research experience, this will lead the production of employable graduate, entrepreneurs, scholars, researchers and professionals in the field of livestock production and managements, and animal health management that will be capable of having impact on their environment while being globally competitive.

Research Activities:

The Department research activist is centred on basic and applied research in general Animal science, Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Nutritional Biochemistry, Livestock Production and Management, Animal Health Management and so on

Research facilities being developed include:

  • Teaching and research farm – 2000 broiler capacity pen, herds of cattle, 3000 layers capacity pen, breeding and production pen for sheep and goat, pig and rabbit
  • Teaching and research laboratory 

Grants and Awards:

  1. Grant Number: UNIOSUN/TETFund/17/12 on “Establishment of open nucleaus breeding colony for rabbit (Oryctolagus cunniculus) small holder production system in Osun State” by Osunkeye, O. J., Ajayi, B. A., Fakolade, P. O. and Alao, O. T.
  2. Grant Number UNISOUN/TETFund/14/005 on “Performance, carcass characteristic and economics of production of broilers fed cowpea testa-based diet” by Fakolade, P. O., Olorede, B. E., Alabi, B. A., Osunkeye, O. J., and Akinduro, V. O.
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