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Dr. YusufProf. Florence A. YUSUF
Provost, College of Education

Yusuf Florence Adeoti is a Professor of Guidance and Counselling who specialises in research on addressing learning and behavioural problems associated with students.

Her intention has been to provide psychological support through counselling, and utilization of psychotherapeutic principles and techniques in resolving students emotional, academic and behavioural problems within school and outside the school settings for the students to develop their potential maximally. She identified the specific challenges that students usually have and then discovered the appropriate counselling strategies that can address the problems.  She identified that a sizable number of students engaged in substance abuse. In her studies, she discovered that the peer modelling technique is effective for changing undesirable behaviour. She also researched the various possible family and home-related issues that are having a negative impact on students to provide an in-depth understanding of it and then proffering remedies.

Her research efforts have also contributed significantly in focusing attention on providing an enabling environment to facilitate students’ achievement, improve students’ behaviour and attendance, and help students socially, with this in mind her research draws upon psychotherapeutic techniques and social skills thereby assisting them to develop their potential maximally. She proposed an indigenous Nigerian folktale therapy as a counselling model for character training and behaviour change among school children. She equally proposed counselling strategies towards curbing crime and violent tendencies. She found out the efficacy of play therapy in handling reading problems among primary school students. In addition, she discovered that self-efficacy techniques are effective in reducing violent behaviour traits among students. She identified the efficacy of relaxation techniques and reality therapy in reducing examination anxiety. She has also identified counselling strategies that can be used to remediate the problem of sexual promiscuity among adolescent undergraduates. She highlights causal factors and consequences of sexual harassment among students and ways to curb this vice.  She also outlined the influence of the non-residential campus system on the behaviour of undergraduates and the role of school authorities and counsellors in addressing these difficulties.

Results of her studies have shown that most students from violence-prone families exhibit poor concentration in class. Her studies have also added significantly to the efforts at addressing the age-long problem of learner abuse and safety as well as assertive training for learners on how to form a group to become agents of change to eradicate every form of abuse in the school. Her research findings revealed that instructional games can be used to promote peace in the school and society at large.

She clearly identified the factors responsible for the stained glass ceiling in career advancement in tertiary institutions. She,  recommended assertiveness training for female academic staff from time to time and seminars for female academic staff to develop self-confidence. She is currently working on Environmental sustainability and Values Re-Orientation as the panacea to Gender- Violence and Culture of Silence Among Adolescents and Factors Influencing Mass Emigration among Youths.

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