Quality Assurance Unit

Osun State University is concerned about ensuring the quality of its academic programmes towards the production of highly skilled graduates who can contribute meaningfully to socio-economic development of the State and Nigeria and the global community. The Quality Assurance (QA) Unit conducts a host of activities that are designed to improve the quality of inputs, processes and outputs of the university system. It acts as a mechanism to guarantee that the system is “fit for purpose”. It also ensures the following: Value for money – measured by achieving more with less in an efficient manner; Transformation – from one state to another with value-added activities; Perfection – perceived as the attainment of a near flawless product, service and system; Excellence – viewed as the attainment of exceptionally high standard product, service and system.

Structure of the Quality Assurance Unit
The Quality Assurance Unit is an integral part of the Vice Chancellor's office and headed by a Director. The Director of Quality Assurance Unit is complimented by unit. There are also Quality Assurance Representatives from each Faculty and Department that work with the Director in achieving  the unit's set goals. The Director, Quality Assurance is the chairman of the implementation/monitoring committee for the strategic plan of the University.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement
UNIOSUN is committed to being a Centre of excellence providing quality higher education.

  • This commitment is supported by a Quality Assurance framework which provides the planning and strategies: reporting and continuous improvement that create awareness to all students and stakeholders, ensuring that systems, processes and core business activities are fit for the purpose for which they are desired.
  • QA for the University exists to safeguard the general interest of all stakeholders in sound standards and maintenance of high quality education. It will encourage continuous improvement in the management of quality academic processes.
  • The QA Unit coordinates all the processes in order to deliver quality assurance functions, based on the University’s Vision and Mission statements:

The specific objectives of UNIOSUN’s quality assurance system are:

  1. develop Quality Assurance policy for UNIOSUN
  2. monitor implementation of the University strategic plan
  3. contribute to the achievement of the goals defined for the educational activities and the learning environment.
  4. monitor and ensure that performance processes in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant.
  5. reveal flaws and recognize the strong points of instruction and training.
  6. serve as a tool for systematic efforts for quality assurance and quality improvement.
  7. evaluate the quality assurance system periodically
  8. coordinate Students' Evaluation of staff and programmes
  9. encourage self-assessment of teaching staff
  10. coordinate internal and external assessment of programmes and institution as a whole
  11. Capacity building: organize seminars, workshops and conferences

Duties of the Director of Quality Assurance

The Director of Quality Assurance of Osun State University is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in the general superintendence over the academic and administrative affairs of the Quality Assurance Unit which include the following:

  1. Development of a quality assurance policy
  2. Creation of awareness of the provisions for QA: Review the existing procedures and making them known to the stakeholders.
  3. Conduct annual evaluation of the University’s Strategic Plan
  4. Preparation of check lists of procedures for performance evaluation
  5. Set up a Quality Assurance Implementation Committee
  6. Conduct self-assessment programs that have completed their cycle
  7. Develop a self-assessment manual
  8. Keep stakeholders: staff and students well informed of evaluation results, efforts made and recommendations periodically
  9. Analyze past accreditation reports of the University and highlight areas of remediation preparatory for next exercise
  10. Monitor and assess quality, adequacy and currency of facilities and resources in Departments, Faculties and Colleges
  11. Monitor and ensure compliance to academic brief, staff student ratio, quality and mix, teaching and research quality
  12. Administer and analyze results of teaching Portfolio Instruction
  13. Develop a blueprint for the systemic development of the University
  14. Develop and update criteria and format for assessing teaching quality and effectiveness through peer group and student review
  15. Ensure and oversee development of Instructional Technology
  16. Participate in the review of academic programme curricular of the University and evaluation of proposal for new academic programmes
  17. Participate in the preparation of the University’s Annual Budget
  18. Organize regular capacity building and skill acquisition for academic and non-academic staff
  19. Carry out all other duties assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

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