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Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory

Dr. AKINDE Sunday Babatunde
(Director) Profile

Dr Akinde
The UNIOSUN Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory (UNIOSUN MRL) is a central analytical laboratory infrastructure of Osun State University. It was established in May 2017 to provide state-of-the-art analytical equipment to support cutting-edge research, strengthen teaching in the sciences, provide technical support to organisations and promote multidisciplinary collaboration. The UNIOSUN MRL provides a platform where several academic disciplines and professionals collaborate to perform innovative research using advanced tools and techniques.  A host of research-level instruments are housed in UNIOSUN MRL for analytical, molecular diagnostics, microscopy/ imaging, quality control, toxicological, elemental analysis, bioresearch and bioinformatics needs. The UNIOSUN MRL also provides government agencies, local industries, communities and international organisations with access to high-throughput analytical equipment and scientific services.

The UNIOSUN MRL is temporarily in the TETFUND Laboratory Complex Building. Our new edifice is in the process of development and will be available soon for researchers and the general public. When completed, the facility will house nine different units: Analytical and Advanced Instruments Laboratory; Water Quality Laboratory; Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory; Bioresearch Laboratory; Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory; Elemental Analysis Laboratory; Process and Quality Control Laboratory; Toxicology Laboratory; and Bioinformatics Centre.


To become the reference laboratory focused on attaining national, regional and global strategic leadership in research and development activities by providing access to advanced analytical instruments, conducting interdisciplinary research and offering quality laboratory testing services.

Mission of UNIOSUN MRL
To provide quality analytical and technical support services that will effectively serve advanced laboratory training, cutting edge interdisciplinary research, multidisciplinary research collaboration and consultancy needs of students, academics, researchers, government agencies and corporate organisations.

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