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January, 2021

Monday, 4th January                                                   Opening of e-Portal for registration and

                                                                                    Payment of fees for returning students

Monday, 4th January                                                   Resumption for Harmattan 2020/2021   

                                                                                   /Commencement of lectures for returning


Monday, 25th January                                                 Resumption/Registration for Fresh Students

Thursday, 28th January                                               Senate

February, 2021

Monday, 15th February                                               Commencement of Harmattan 2020/2021

lectures for fresh students

Friday, 5th February                                                    Closing of e-Portal for returning students

Monday, 8th February                                                 Orientation for Fresh Students

Thursday, 25th February                                             Senate

March, 2021

Thursday, 25th March                                                 Senate

April, 2021

Friday, 16th April                                                         End of lectures (300 – 500 level)

Monday, 19th April – Friday, 23rd April                        Lecture Free Week (300 -500 level)

Monday, 26th April – Tuesday, 11th May                    Harmattan Semester Examinations starts for 300 - 500 levels

Thursday, 29th April                                                   Senate

May, 2021

Tuesday, 11th May                                                      Harmattan Semester Examinations ends for 300 - 500 levels

Wednesday, 12th May – Tuesday 25th May               Harmattan Semester Break (300-500 level)

Wednesday, 26th May – Wednesday, 16th June        Markings of Examination Scripts

Wednesday, 26th May                                                Resumption/Opening of Portals for registration and
                                                                                   Commencement of lectures for Rain Semester for 300 - 500 levels

Wednesday, 27th May                                                Matriculation of Fresh Students

Thursday, 27th May                                                    Senate

June, 2021

Friday, 4th June                                                         End of lectures (100 – 200 level)

Monday, 7th June – Friday, 11th June                       Lecture free week 100 – 200 Levels

Monday, 14th June – Thursday, 1st July                   Harmattan  Semester Examinations (100 –

                                                                                  200 level)

Monday, 28th June – Thursday, 1st July                   Harmattan Semester GNS Examination

                                                                                 for all levels


Friday, July 2nd – Friday 9th July                             Harmattan Semester Break

Thursday, 24th June                                                Senate

July, 2021

Thursday, 1st July                                                     Harmattan Semester Examinations ends for

                                                                                 100 and 200 levels

Monday, 12th July                                                     Resumption/Opening of Portals for registration and Commencement of
                                                                                  lectures for Rain Semester for 100 -200 level

Thursday, 29th July                                                   Senate

August, 2021

Friday, 20th August                                                   End of Lectures for 300 - 500 Levels

Monday, 30th August – Friday 3rd September          Lecture Free Week

Thursday, 26th August                                              Senate

September, 2021

Monday, 6th Septemer – Friday, 17th September          Rain Semester Examinations

Monday, 20th September                                           Rain Semester Break

Monday, 23rd September – Friday, 8th October         Marking of Examination Scripts

Thursday, 30th September                                         Senate

October, 2021

Friday, 1st October                                                    End of Lectures for 100 - 200 Levels

Monday, 4th October – Friday 8th October                Lecture Free Week

Monday, 11th October – Monday, 22nd October       Rain Semester Examinations

Monday, 18th October – Friday, 22nd October          GNS Examinations

Monday, 25th October                                               End of 2020/2021 Session / Commencement of Annual Leave of
                                                                                  Academic Staff

Thursday 28th October                                              Senate

November, 2021

Monday 8 November                                                Commencement of 2021/2022
                                                                                  Academic Session/Opening of e-portal and
                                                                                  resumption of Harmattan Semester for 100 level students

Monday 15th November                                            Resumption and e-portal registration
                                                                                  of 2021/2022 Harmattan Semester for returning students

Friday, 19th November                                              End of Annual Leave for Academic Staff

Monday, 22nd November                                          Commencement of lectures for all students

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